Friday, April 18, 2014

Summertime fun!

The Giants opened the 2014 season with a win before a sell-out crowd. A friend of mine who was there told me she was excited as a "little kid." So what makes baseball so appealing?

I fell in love with baseball as a kid. I started watching the Cincinnati Reds when I was ten, and then when Johnny Bench joined the team the next year, in 1967, I was hooked. The Big Red Machine became my team! 

When I was in middle school my 7th grade history teacher Mrs. Atchley felt the World Series was a part of making history and her students should be a part of that history in 1970. Was I in luck! It was the Reds vs the Baltimore Orioles. So for three days in October, we kept stats, studied the history of the series, and I rooted for my favorite team. Sadly the Reds lost, but I sure appreciated the lesson that Mrs Atchley taught me to this day.  That recreation has value in our lives and history lessons don't just come from books.


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