Thursday, November 16, 2017

Safety Tips for a Dementia Friendly Home

Most accidents in the home occur during daily activities such as eating, bathing and using the restroom.
Taking measures to improve safety can prevent injuries and help a person with dementia feel more relaxed, less
overwhelmed and maintain his or her independence longer.

  • Avoid serving food and beverages that are too hot. The person with dementia may not remember to check the temperature. 
  • Install walk-in showers.
  • Add grab bars to the shower or tub and at the edge of the vanity to allow for independent and safe movement. 
  • Add textured stickers to slippery surfaces.
  • Apply adhesives to keep throw rugs and carpeting in place, or remove rugs completely. 
  • Monitor the hot water temperature in the shower or bath. Consider installing an automatic thermometer.
  • Pay special attention to garages, work rooms, basements and outside areas where there are more likely to be tools, chemicals, cleaning supplies and other items that may require supervision.


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